(“Hello World”)

Raspberry Pi Zero W
The amazing Raspberry Pi Zero W micro-board computer!

Does your child ever say, “I have an idea for an app…”?
Would they like to build, assemble and understand how their “screens” work? Do they like to act as an engineer or a planner? If so, they will love hands-on, physical computing workshops.

CodeTween is a physical computing workshop series for kids 9-13 in age. By combining computer hardware, software, peripherals with coding, your child will begin to understand how digital devices work.  CodeTween can bring out your child’s “innerventor”.

CodeTween Kids
CodeTween introduces tweens to fun computing concepts by coding, making and building.

Children in the U.S. are behind the STEM curve.  The combination of the maker movement and STEM education has helped close the gap in recent years. CodeTween helps add to your child’s STEM exposure.

Your child can learn how to code, how to connect and integrate hardware and so much more.  During our workshops, we experiment, design and develop working software and hardware projects.


A computer the size of a credit card! The Raspberry Pi Model 3 B.  An engineering marvel.

At our workshops, your child will:

• Install a Linux operating system (Raspian)
• Configure and integrate hardware & peripherals
• Write code to customize and control hardware
• Build a WordPress web site for documentation
• Integrate peripherals for use with software

Physical Computing? Yes, a new(ish) term for hands-on interacting and controlling various aspects of hardware and software.  If you are a [geek] parent now, born in the 60’s and 70’s,  the old Altair, Timex, Commodore and Texas Instruments computer systems had similar degrees of modular customization.Today’s modern micro-boards like the Raspberry Pi and Arduino offer capabilities 100x or even 1000x of these relics, and for just a fraction of the cost.

A fully functioning, powerful board like the Raspberry Pi Model 3 for $35.00?  Yes!

CodeTween workshops are fun and inspire creative learning! Thanks for checking us out.