The fastest selling computer! The credit card sized RaspberryPi.  Truly amazing!

CodeTween teaches middle school aged kids how computers work.

We’ve joned the “Maker” movement, which has gained serious steam with the introduction of RaspberryPi© boards in 2012, and other similar products.  At CodeTween, we teach how to master the machine!  Your child will also document their notes and projects to their own WordPress site.

We are comfortable and confident in our ability to communicate technology concepts to your child. CodeTween workshops are fun, innovative and leave your child having successfully tackled complex computer projects.  The first session, which we’ve entitled Foundation, offers tons of discovery as kids assemble and boot up the Raspberry Pi for the first time.

Your child will install a Linux based Operating System (Raspian / Pixel) and configure it for their personal use.  In our advanced workshops, we dive into physical computing, which involves programming, soldering and robotics.

Our workshop instructors are teachers and IT professionals.  We’ve coded, built computer networks, configured servers, managed databases, installed hardware, created front-end web sites, trained end users and a ton more.

Allow us to show your kids what computers really are. Learning online is great, and we will also use forums, learning tutorials and Google.  Even with these resources, there is nothing like learning and building with a bunch of like minded enthusiasts, in a lab-like environment on cutting edge projects.

We believe in the mission to teach computing to every next generation.

With every workshop purchased, we donate to the Raspberry Pi Foundation, UK.

CodeTween LLC is not affiliated with Raspberry Pi® or www.raspberry.org.