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If your child is expressing interest in how computers, smartphones, tablets and other electronics work, CodeTween workshops will satisfy what we call their “innerventor”.

During our fun workshops, your child will:

  • assemble the components of the Raspberry Pi© board
  • install and configure a Linux™ Operating System
  • document their workshop findings by developing their own WordPress web site
  • wire-up and control electronic breadboards and LEDs
  • program basic automation and machine control
  • create a network of Raspberry Pi users
  • create a working weather monitor system
  • learn basic programming concepts in Python
  • complete complicated integrated projects

Direct, hands-on learning helps demystify what goes on under the hood!  Your child will walk away from our workshops with a better understanding of what computing is and how computers really work.  And, you will feel confident your child can understand and relate to screens and machines.

Our workshops are great in 4 or 8 blocks of cumulative learning.  Your child will begin to understand the basics of computing, electronics and networking in a fun, lab style environment.  Your child will boot up their very own Wordpress site after their very first workshop!

Reserve a spot today for an upcoming workshop.  We offer two main courses, Foundation which is 4 workshops and Development, which is 4 workshops.  Our workshops are cumulative in terms of working with the Pi and related hardware, along with interacting with next level software, programming, peripherals and components.

If you work directly with a school, such as the PTA, or you are a teacher interested in our workshops, we also design workshop curriculums for after school hours.

Please call 410-736-9222 if you would like to speak to our team about CodeTween workshops.

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