Your Child Will Learn:

CodeTween workshops are fun, engaging and provide your child with researched and complex projects.  This type of hands-on introduction at the micro-board level is a great way for your child to learn basic computer terminology with hands-on practice and projects.

The Raspberry Pi and Arduino boards, peripherals and third party integrations make it easier than ever to introduce programming and hardware to kids interested in making projects with Internet of Things (IoT) technology.

Here is an outline of each Workshop curriculum:


  • Raspberry Pi Hardware Review and Assembly
  • Operating System Review
  • Boot It Up
  • Spin Around The Pi Board
  • The World of Raspberry Pi
  • Install Third Party ‘HATs’
  • Install Pi Camera Module
  • The Python Programming Language
  • Make the Pi Sing
  • PROJECTS: Digital Magic 8 Ball, Push Button Stop Motion, GPIO Music Box
  • SITE DEVELOPMENT:  Install the WordPress site software, customize site, document projects
Foundation Workshop

Foundation is the entry level, logical starting place for your child to start making projects with the Pi and related peripherals.  Your kids will have set-up a computer board, configured it their own design, install peripherals and other micro-boards and will begin coding in the Python language. They will also learn HTML, CSS and how to use the Firefox browser to build their web site.


  • Raspberry Pi Hardware Review
  • Operating System Updates and Software Installation
  • Breadboards
  • Electrical Signals, Wiring (Male/Female)
  • LEDs and Control of Lighting
  • Intermediate Python Programming Concepts
  • Customized Use of the Pi Camera Module
  • SITE DEVELOPMENT: Continue WordPress site development, upload/add images, create pages, install/utilize plug-ins, document projects

Development is an engaging Workshop Series which extends the knowledge and experience your child gains from our Foundation workshop. Your kids are coding Python at a functioning beginner level by the end of this workshop series.  They will also continue to customization of their WordPress web sites, with custom HTML and CSS.


Coming Soon!