Host Your Own

If you would like to host a CodeTween workshop at your facility, we’ve made it painless.

CodeTween brings the equipment, the projects and the FUN.  You supply the lab / room for the CodeTween Kids and we do the rest.  We’ll even bring our own Internet connection if one is not available at your location.

We’ll bring:

  • Equipment, like monitors, keyboards, touchpad/mouse, audio speakers, power supply strips and additional equipment and peripherals.
  • Refreshments so our brains can stay fueled with energy (suitable snacks for all kids / allergies).
  • Our passionate, can-do spirit of project making and computer programming.

As a host, you’ll earn CT Points, which you can use to purchase hardware for your own use!  And, with every CodeTween workshop help, CT contributes a portion of proceeds to the Raspberry Pi Foundation, UK.  This important charity helps to bring affordable computing to school kids all over the globe.