CodeTween Workshop:


CodeTween Foundation is your child’s starting place.  This essential 4 workshop series paves the way for your child’s journey into the Raspberry Pi computing experience.  The Foundation workshops dive right in with OS installation, configuration and and introduction to the board.

We then spend time working on a project by integrating the Pi board with the Pi Sense Hat, which extends the capabilities of the board.  Your children will complete this series of workshops with a broad and high level understanding of what goes on under the hood once they power up their Raspberry Pi.



CodeTween Workshop: Foundation

The Foundation series is your child’s jumping off point!  There are 4 workshops in Foundation, which center around:

  • assembly of the Raspberry Pi
  • installation of the Raspian Pixel operating system
  • a series of related configuration and coding tasks
  • Your child will also complete a custom coding and hardware project

Included With Workshop
The Foundation Workshop includes:

  • Raspberry Pi, Model 3 Kit (board, case, power supply, hdmi cable)
  • Raspberry Pi Camera Module
  • Raspberry Pi Sense Hat
  • Tactile Switches
  • Assorted male/female cables
  • LEDs

Assembly of the Raspberry Pi
Your child will:

  • learn about the various individual components, peripherals and memory required to get the Raspberry Pi system up and running.  We teach the kids what each component does, and how each piece relates to the computer as an operating unit.
  • install the Raspian Pixel operating system.  Raspian is a Linux based operating system, and it offers a very kind and gentle introduction into linux computer, ie; command line versus GUI, networking and file editing.
  • Configure the Raspian Pixel operating system to their own individual preferences, including how to set up user accounts and install and activate software onto the Raspberry Pi.
  • Learn basic linux commands to code and configure operating system and software installations.
  • Install their WordPress website, select a template and begin web site development
  • Build a project integrating the Raspberry Pi Sense Hat with the Pi Sense Hat, which enables further physical computing projects and capabilities.  This project integrates random display answers based on physical movement of the board / hat.

Coding Basics
CodeTween Foundation helps introduce critical computing concepts:

  • Python programming is introduced to your child.  Python is an increasingly popular language, used across the internet by internet giants like Google and Facebook, to small, independent software development companies.  We help introduce easy concepts like variables, functions, loops, settings and parameters.  The scripts we use are typically 50-250 lines of code within a file or two.  We introduce the proper tools to use to write and compile the scripts.
  • Minecraft programming introduces your child to simple game programming concepts, as well as application layout and design.  At it’s core, Minecraft introduces graphics and game programming and the logic required to build the game.

The CodeTween Foundation series of 4 workshops is the entry point to your child jumping off on the right foot to understand computer hardware and software.

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