CodeTween Workshop: Development


CodeTween Development is where your child learns how different components can be integrated into the main Pi board to create further build possibilities.  We install and integrate the Pi camera module, write Python code, create a stop motion story book based on a physical build and get our hands dirty with cables and LED light control.  And, your child will continue the creation of their maker web site.

This 4 series workshop builds on our Foundation workshops.



CodeTween Workshop: Development

The Development series is where hands get deep into the Raspberry Pi physical computing experience!  There are 4 workshops, which emphasize:

  • peripheral integrations
  • continued WordPress site
  • hardware configuration
  • led lighting programming and
  • sound and video programming

There are 4 more workshops in this track, which center around your child’s ability to plan, program and even solder physical components together to make the Pi move, chirp, light up and shoot video.

Included with workshop
Additional peripherals included for this workshop

  • A 480 point breadboard.  Breadboards allow for electrical control and connectivity without the use for permanent soldering.  They are excellent tools for project experimentation.
  • The Raspberry Pi Camera Module, which is integrated for the workshop project.
  • Various cables and LEDs, along with soundtracks, which we’ll integrate into the project as well.

Coding Developing
This project will help your child:

  • Understand how various scripts and blocks of code are written, shared and customized for various effects, such as LEDs lights, sound, camera image and stop-motion.
  • Create a customized build of an object, while capturing the various steps of the build on the Pi’s camera module, for integration into a visual storybook.

The CodeTween Development series of 4 workshops is the next logical path for workshops which enhance your child’s understanding of physical computing.  This series of workshops builds upon Foundation skills, and allows your children to further explore and control their Pi devices.

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