CodeTween Workshop:


CodeTween Robotics takes physical computing to the next level.  This is a 4 workshop series dives deep into robotic peripherals and the code it takes to achieve a set of repetitive tasks.



CodeTween Workshop: Robotics

The Robotics series takes projects with the Raspberry Pi to the next level!

Once your child has completed the Essentials and Next Steps workshop series, it’s time to get robotic!  These series of workshops will introduce your child to robotic computing using the Raspberry Pi, Pi Zero and additional peripherals. They will learn what it takes to control a robotic machine, perform a task and add variables to the capabilities of the machine.  All using the Pi!

These 4 workshops in this track, which center around your child’s ability to plan, program and control robotic components to make the Pi come alive in robotic fashion.

Your child will:

  • Extend learning from prior workshops with a focus on controlling a Raspberry Pi Zero W integrated into a robotic chassis
  • Control a DC motor on the device
  • Learn and write code to control the robotic device
  • Understand how to utilize a robotic chassis for repetitive tasks
  • Integrate the Raspberry Pi module to extend the capability of the device, such as remote camera and sensor operations

CodeTween helps introduce basic robotic control concepts:

  • Python again is the language of choice your kids will utilize to build and complete this series of workshops.
  • We’ll integrate sound and camera capabilities to a controllable device.
  • Your child will receive a high level understanding of how voltage and motors are powered through the board and how to troubleshoot usability issues.

The CodeTween Robotics series of 4 workshops offer an advanced look into the Pi’s amazing capabilities for extended build projects.  Inventors all over the globe are utilizing these highly reliable yet very affordable computing parts to build seriously impressive amateur AND enterprise grade devices.

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