CodeTween Workshop:


CodeTween after-school is a great way for your child to be introduced to physical computing concepts, software programming and project making with the Raspberry Pi computer board.  If you child is not ready for our Foundation or Development workshops, these after-school workshops are a great way to get started.



CodeTween Workshop: After-School

Our After-School workshops are aimed primarily at middle-schoolers who are interested in getting their hands dirty with software coding and hardware.  These workshops typically run about 1.5-2 hours, with students focused on one project.  Each workshop will cover:

  • Raspberry Pi hardware
  • Python programming
  • WordPress web site development
  • Workshop project

While these after-school workshops do not get as far under the hood as our Foundation and Development workshops, your child will learn foundational computer concepts which can help them further their Information Technology educational experience.

Included with workshop
If this is your child’s first time attending a CodeTween workshop, you will need to purchase our CodeTween Computer Kit (approximately $75.00), which includes the Raspberry Pi motherboard and the peripherals required to boot up the computer.

Coding Developing
Our after-school workshop sessions will introduce your child to:

  • The Raspberry Pi computer board, how to boot up, how personalize and how to begin using the Raspian (linux) operating system.
  • Begin python programming with an fun software/hardware integration project.
  • Install and begin utilizing WordPress as their very own web site.

CodeTween after-school workshops are a fantastic, high energy burst of computer learning for your child.

Questions?  Email us or call 410-736-9222.