Raspberry Pi®

Introducing…The World’s Fastest Selling Computer!

The Raspberry Pi.  $35.  Powerful.

The Raspberry Pi computer board, invented in England in 2010 by successful tech entrepreneur, Eben Upton and his guru partners, has sold nearly 12 million units to a globally diverse group of computer enthusiasts.  If you’ve heard the term “Internet of Things”, or IoT for short, the Raspberry Pi is the cutting edge IoT introduction to computer programming (coding), hardwiring, networking, robotics and more for this expanding IT field.

CodeTween is a Raspberry Pi oriented workshop.
The steps, lessons, testing and deployment of the projects within our engaging curriculum allow your children to make, create and understand how they control the computer board, peripherals and wireless hardware.  The hardware peripherals we utilize are typically standard, Raspberry Pi compatible or endorsed products, available via The Pi Hut, Pimoroni, Amazon or your local Microcenter.

If your children like to explore, take apart, engineer, create innovation and make things work, CodeTween workshops offer a spirited atmosphere of lesson and discovery.

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