To understand the fascinating Raspberry Pi universe, visit Their educational and support resources are fantastic.

To check out the various projects the site offers to students and instructors, visit

The web site offers a great listing, pinterest style, of various maker projects.

Visit Adafruitlocated in the heart of Manhattan.  They offer an amazing product selection, and their product guides and instructional videos are outstanding.

Check out The Pi Hut, based across the pond in the United Kingdom offers an incredible array of Raspberry Pi peripherals, add-ons, adapters and other accessories so you can make your ideas come alive.

We’ve also found these Raspberry Pi focused books to be interesting and very helpful for coding and making with the Pi:

Raspberry Pi User Guide: Eben Upton, Gareth Halfacree.
Written by the inventor of the Raspberry Pi, this book is an excellent introduction to the board along with beginner to intermediate instruction.  This book is written by the experts and is considered the “unofficial guide” to the Pi.  A great book!
Learning Computer Architecture with Raspberry Pi: Eben Upton, Jeffrey Duntemann.
Considered a companion guide to the Raspberry Pi User Guide, this book features an in-depth, yet easy to follow and learn study in the hardware of the Pi.  If you really want to learn the low level, nitty gritty of how the board works, communicates and operates, this book is for you.
Raspberry Pi Cookbook: Simon Monk.
The newly released Raspberry Pi Cookbook is an incredible tome.  From beginning set-up to advanced networking and build concepts, this book not only helps you hone your Pi skills, but also significantly adds to your Linux command line skills.  A must have, highly recommended!